We specialize in highly imaginitive experimental marketing using Augmented Reality.


Welcome to VIVARRA Interactive. Our focus is interactive Augmented Reality experiences for public spaces. AR is a technology the superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world using their phone or tablet. AR offers unlimited possibilites for marketers. Stir the imagination of customers in ways never before possible!



Learn how we are using AR as a tool to alleviate anxiery in pediatric dental & medical environments.

Customer Engagement Taken
to a Whole New Level.


Our focus is interactive AR experiences for public spaces such as major shopping centers, airports, museums, hospitals, and hospitality venues. If on-location, interactive experiences are a fit for your property, we’d be excited to collaborate.

Augmented Reality offers limitless possibilites for marketers.

VIVARRA unlocks AR's potential for your brand.


Our team has a long history in creating world-class, interactive environments that spark curiosity and capture the imagination. We're based in Canada and our work is enjoyed across the globe, including recent projects in the USA, UK, and Dubai.

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